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I watch way too numerous news reports. If I don’t, I’ll be missing all the signs of Second Coming, spreading Tsunami as well as the meteor coming in the near future rising meltwater from glaciers and a solar flare that could cause me to die, or an the next invasion by aliens or another terror attack that’s been promised for over four years. Since I don’t wish to be missing these events I watch way too numerous news reports.

Because I tune in to too many news channels, I’m aware of a great deal about beheadings and bullet-ridden bodies. I’m aware of a great deal of car explosions as well as body part that are lying all around. Just a few days ago, they discovered a couple dozen heads hidden in containers in Iraq. This isn’t a good way to be ahead in conflict. I would rather not be aware of this but I do. It is a mystery to me where the rest went. I’m only aware of this information because I listen and watch to a lot of news.

I have too many opinions on way too much issues. The radio show I used to enjoy was Limbaugh but I don’t believe he believes in himself at times, and O’Reilly is way too smart, angry and insecure for my tastes however, I am aware of these guys since I consume too many news channels. I have heard some things…in the news regarding their private lives which was amazing to learn that they’re not so righteous as they’d claim to be. I discovered this on news. I listen to far more than you think. I am a fan of Air America.

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This is a very exciting group if there ever was one. I’m a fan. They scare the crap from me but, I love their style. They speak about the the government, and especially this one administration, and all the other information I have read about makes me think. They make me believe that the thoughts I am having regarding the other news stories I have read about is normal. So, at least I’m not as if I’m all alone in my reactions to all the news that I have read a lot of.

I know a lot about politicians, specifically Republican ones who are devoted to Jesus so much. Some are known to be obsessed with the idea of waging war on a regular basis to ensure that Jesus will return, or something. They are also lovers however, they often end up doing it in the wrong way with wrong individuals, and even with the wrong sexual partners. It’s a shame, but truthfully I have read about it in the news.

I was reading about the news that Mrs. Bush moved out of the Whitehouse in the past few days due to the fact that the Mr. President was joking around with…well and with others. Wow, that’s pretty significant news. I didn’t see it in Fox or AOL however, so perhaps it’s not news or perhaps it’s not news to people who aren’t aware Who knows? Certain news reports tell me I won’t hear about this story in the news since they’ll not report it as news, so we’ll lose.

Gosh the news informs me that this president may not be the President he claims to be and that many have had their votes thrown away in the past, which is what Democratic voters were among them. That’s very sad, yet it is plausible to me. I have heard it’s true from the news twice!

Due to the media, I’ve heard plenty about CEO’s who take a great deal from others to benefit their own. It’s true that a lot they do. The news informs me on the amount Congressmen and Reps have to pay the public purse they are quite proficient at it, too. I’ve seen it all over the media. Million dollars for birthday parties and retirements that cause God be jealous as he doesn’t control all the cattle that roam on the hills of a thousand after all.

The former CEO can! He could at least. Chimps with a smile all the way, as they’re always at peace after they’ve been caughtand are stunned because they’re innocent. However, I bet that if no anyone noticed, they’d regret a little bit and continue to take more. At least, later we’d be hearing more. I saw in the news that Enron simply didn’t give away the power they claimed they didn’t have, however they did and got huge bucks from people who were old living in California trying to stay cool or warm…

I’m not sure what. Made me kinda mad. The guys were in jail, but I’m hoping we don’t hear on the news about their favorite friend Mr. President, will pardon the inmates or does something else in the process of getting out of the building. In the news, I heard that he could do this. This worries me because I also found out that when President Bush was leaving Texas when he was Governor, and was then asked to do the cleaning after all the harm he caused the state, he replied that it wasn’t his responsibility.

I’m hoping I don’t find out that the same thing at the time he is leaving office next time. I’m sure he will. I saw on the news that people do not change drastically in their lives. what they used to be they are , for the most part.

Why am I doing the same thing in order to myself…you know, by reading and listening to the news and thoughts about the news and newscasters who are the ones who write the news and wish that the news never discovered them? What number of heads do I really need to learn about or even squashed human beings in earthquakes? I must admit I’m concerned that If I don’t keep pace with the latest news I’ll miss the massive one, whatever it may be.

I’ve tried before to avoid watching or listening on the media or opinions that the big boys have on it however it did not work. I became anxious, in not knowing what I was missing.

I saw in the news that they wanted people to be anxious about the news since fear can be a factor in controlling us , and altering the rules so that we aren’t able to enjoy the freedoms we did before they made us fearful. Oh, I’m not winning in this battle with the news! Today, I’m even reading news about the reason why the news is how it is!

I once read that what I believed was news was actually not. It was more of an advertisement for the government that was designed to appear like news. However, they were arrested. I read about this at the local news.

It’s amazing to see the long story of the suppression of free press by those who wish to keep or maintain control. More than one philosopher has observed that He Who Controls The Media owns the minds Of The People. Today , we are witnessing Silicon Valley, namely Google and Facebook seeking to remove what they refer to as “Fake news” on their sites including Google News and Facebook’s News Feed. This is, of course, the possibility of a slippery slope, one of massive control. In fact, both companies have been accused of blocking right-wing news and increasing positive press coverage of left-leaning political figures.

Then, in Washington DC, there is efforts to stop Fake News in the media or on the internet to stop government officials from trying to undermine our democratic process or to influence the minds of our citizens by spreading propaganda. However, it is evident that the mainstream media’s reports about this campaign at Washington DC that the target is right-wing alternative news sites.

Mainstream media are concerned that it’s losing viewers by millions and generating huge advertising revenues are generated by online news websites which they would prefer to avoid. Do all of these factors, that of the media mainstream, Democrat Party, and the largest Internet social networks and engines working together to control public’s information and to control our minds and the majority of people?

If the past is any guide then it is a yes. All dictatorships, communist nations and even the NAZI regime have worked hard to restrict the media. Even terrorists, spies and nation-states who support terrorists use the media for propaganda.

There was a fascinating article from Foreign Affairs published on January 7, 2014 entitled “Al Jazeera’s ‘False ‘ News’ Problem” By Judy Bachrach. What I think about this is that each news organization has an agenda and an amount of power that controls the minds of people. While discussing this in Our think tank person observed that

The think tanker types point out that this is a risky emotional ranting, not factual information. He says he’d prefer to study something concerning American Networks. American Networks because he often is forced to visit BBC as well as other media outlets to find the actual news.

Wow, those are some very interesting remarks indeed. Yet when I think about news media such as RT (Russian Television) it usually has negative views of the US and sometimes they’re right and cause us to take a look at ourselves but sometimes they are just snarky negative remarks.

It’s more like the clock, just every day. Al Jazeera America, I consider to be more reliable than RT however, with regard to Middle East sectarian issues, they’re all one way also. RT tends to be leftist in its with a leftist slant. It is logical. Today’s news, it requires a sharp eye and dedication to distinguish between audio and bullet points.